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Shipping Info/FAQ


  • All orders ship with tracking numbers
  • Products are packaged in hard-sided reusable & recyclable poster tube(s) to arrive safely at your door
  • For expedited shipping, please inquire and we will do our best!

Within the US:

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  • Most US orders arrive in 5-10 business days (1-5 business days to ship out, 3-5 business days via USPS from the West Coast)*

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  • Orders <$65 are discounted by 50% of cost for a limited time
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  • Please note that any customs duties are the buyer's responsibility
  • Note: If free shipping or 50% off rate(s) don't show up at checkout, please message us so we can add your country

*Please note that COVID-19 may extend transit times, especially during the holiday season



Q: Are you still open?

A: Yes! We're still open for online orders. Any support is particularly appreciated during this difficult time, and we have special promotions as thanks.* Best wishes to everyone, and hope we can meet at conventions again soon!

*1. Free US shipping on all orders/Free International Shipping for orders $65+, 2. Coupon Codes: BUY50 for 1 free poster with a $50+ order ($25 value!), and BUY75 for 2 free posters with a $75+ order ($50 value!), 3. Bundle deals and Clearance

Q: What will my poster look like?

A: Posters are border-less and professionally printed on semi-gloss poster paper.

Q: What will my canvas look like? How do I display it?

A: Canvases are professionally printed on waterproof & sturdy vinyl canvas. They do not need to be stretched on a frame, and can easily be displayed directly on your wall with thumbtacks, command strips, or poster hanging rails. If you'd like to frame it, 24x36 is the standard movie poster size so it's usually easy to find fairly inexpensive frames (i.e. Ikea, Amazon, Michaels with coupon, etc).

Q: What will my playmat/mousepad look like? How do I care for it?

A: Art on playmats/mousepads is professionally printed using dye-sublimation, like body pillows. The print is waterproof and part of the fabric on the top layer. We hand-wash our playmats using water, hand-soap, and a towel in gentle circles to dislodge any grime. Please roll instead of folding when storing.

Rubber backing is flexible and non-slip. It's also better bonded to the fabric, and feels much nicer than ordinary mousepads!

They are suitable for use for tabletop (TCG, D&D, etc) and PC gaming (XL mousepad, keyboard + mousepad, laptop + mousepad, etc). Actual playmat measurements can vary a smidge.

Q: Returns and exchanges?

A: We do not accept returns or exchanges, but please contact us if you have any problems with you order. Please double-check your address. All orders will be sent with tracking, and we will respect whether tracking says it is delivered.

Q: Do you have permission to be selling the artwork of x artist?

A: Of course! This is our studio's joint online store. The artwork will look as beautiful and high resolution as it was created :)


Artist Info/Links



Please check out Blackblooded and support on Patreon



Please check out GhostBlade and support on Patreon