1. Decide what you will order from amongst the artwork and acrylic charms on the "Main" page
  2. Select quantities of each type of product on the "Checkout" page
  3. Upon adding to cart, you will be prompted for the artwork/charm titles and sizes (if relevant); please enter that information there
  4. Go to cart to checkout and follow prompts (at this point you can also edit titles/sizes by clicking "edit details" under the item)
  5. Select your shipping method based on what you're ordering from the options provided (please contact for international shipping, and please ignore whatever is automatically filled in if it's wrong)
  6. Please contact with any questions on the "Contact" page


All items will be sent packaged within rigid cardboard tubes (posters) via USPS First Class or Priority Mail, with tracking. Including handling time, this means that most orders will ship and arrive within 10 business days. For expedited orders, please inquire. An alternative shipment method may be needed.

Combined Shipping

Yes, we do combine shipping. Please choose the shipment option for the largest item (i.e. poster). Shipping costs for the smaller item will be waived.

international Shipping

For international shipping, please inquire for rates using the contact form.


Q: What will my poster look like?

A: Posters are professionally printed on glossy poster paper.

Q: Who's the artist of a particular work?

A: The artist of each artwork is captioned when you click on the image and mouse over it. 

Q: Do you have permission to be selling the artwork?

A: Of course! This is a joint online store.